State should lodge FIRs of kidnapping for ransom cases

Karachi: Capital flight from Pakistan is in full swing after recent hike in the cases of kidnapping for ransom in Karachi. The State should lodge FIRs of these cases, as majority of the victims, due to fear of criminals, do not report these cases to the police, said Altaf Shakoor, president of Pasban Pakistan, here Sunday.

Commenting on a report of the kidnapping for ransom of a big timber trader in Karachi, he said hundreds of traders and industrialists have already closed down their businesses and factories in Karachi and shifted to Malaysia, Bangladesh, UAE and other safe countries.

He said all over the world Pakistani entrepreneurs are being invited and offered safety and incentives to do business. He said sadly the Pakistan is only country which is silent on the large-scale migrating of its business class. He feared if the current trend of kidnapping for ransom prevails in Karachi, soon thousands of more factories and business houses would be forced to close their doors, resulting in huge unemployment and poverty.

Altaf Shakoor said the traders and industrialists due to fear and lack of confidence on police do not summon courage to visit police stations and get their FIRs lodged, so the State should lodge the FIRs of these cases as soon as such a news broke. He said in this regards proper legislation should be carried out on urgent basis. He said this legislation if made would help in eliminating the kidnappers for ransom.

Pasban leaders said it is sad that criminals in Karachi had always enjoyed a strong albeit hidden support of the ruling quarters. He said it is an open secret that criminal mafias of Karachi are covertly run by some very powerful political elements. He said unless our political parties and leaders renounce support to these criminals, kidnappers, target killers and terrorists, no lasting peace could be expected for Karachi. He demanded that the instructions of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Karachi suo moto case should be implemented in letter and spirit.

He said Karachi police should be purged from the black sheep, as there is an on the record statement of a senior police officer that 40precent recruitments in police were made on political basis. He said this politicized police could never bite the hands that feed them. He said Karachi needs honest, upright and courageous police officers and an administration that is chosen purely on merit. He said corruption and nepotism culture has destroyed all national institutions, particularly the police. He said drastic steps are needed to make Karachi police efficient.

Altaf Shakoor said the government should take a strong notice of the rising cases of kidnapping for ransom in Karachi. He said there is a dire need to give peace to Karachi traders and industrialists who actually help most in keeping the wheels of national economy running. He said the organized gangs of kidnappers for ransom in Karachi should be targeted with courage and busted on war footing, so that Karachiites, especially trader and industrialist class, should live in peace and security.

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