Taj congratulates Rabbani on nomination

Karachi: General Secretary Pakistan Peoples’ Party Sindh Taj Haider has congratulated Senator Raza Rabbani on his nomination as the PPP candidate for the high office of the President of Pakistan.

In a press statement Taj Haider said that the PPP leadership had made the right choice and the nomination of Raza Rabbani was well deserved. Raza Rabbani had proved himself as an untiring politician who had built national consensus on the most sensitive question of provincial autonomy through the 18th amendment to the Constitution.

He said prior to this historic achievement Raza had played a most crucial role in building bridges with the Opposition in formulating the Charter of Democracy that paved the way for restoration of democracy in Pakistan.

These bridges of understanding have to be strengthened and if the nation desires that the conspiracy of the ant democracy elements to undo th gains of the 18th amendment should fail then we certainly need Rabbani to succeed President Zardari in the President’s office.

Taj Haider appealed the PML N to support the candidature of Rabbani. He said the desire of PML N to create a national consensus on Presidential elections was welcome, but they should realise that consensus cannot be a one way traffic. With Mian Nawaz Sharif in the office of the Chief Executive a meaningful consensus to strengthen democracy in the country could only be brought about if the PPP nominee was elected President.

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