Taj Haider responds to Altaf’s statement

Karachi: Responding to statement of Altaf Hussain accusing the Sindh government of initiating a campaign against Mohajirs, Taj Haider General Secretary Pakistan People’s Party Sindh in a press statement on Friday cautioned MQM against reintroducing the term ‘Mohajirs’ in national politics.

Haider said: “We are not Mohajirs. We are Urdu speaking citizens of this province and this country. Our mother tongue is the official and national language of Pakistan and it would be wrong and degrading to consider ourselves as lesser citizens or Mohajirs.”

The current operation as the actions clearly showed is without any reference to any ethnicity. Criminal elements belonging to all ethnic communities were being proceeded against under the Law, Haider said.

MQM’s demand to call the Army to undertake the operation was not agreed by PPP precisely because the jurisdiction of the High Court would have been curtailed by doing so. Now, the legal recourse is open to any person who feels that he has been wronged against.

Haider said unfortunately criminals and militants had been trying to infiltrate many political parties to seek a political cover. “Democracy and politics cannot co-exist with crime and violence. This operation undertaken with the consensus of all political parties gives them an opportunity to cleanse their ranks of undesirable elements. This consensus must be preserved and strengthened. It should not be made victim of ethnic prejudices,” he concluded.

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