Talent Hunt organized at RAC

KARACHI: A talent Hunt was organized amongst the amateur singers of the region by Rawalpindi Arts Council RAC in collaboration with rose ads on 19th October.

About thirty amateur singers were participated in the competition. Naheed Manzoor was the chief guest of the occasion. Talking on the occasion, Waqar Ahmed Resident Director RAC said that the basic aim and the main object of Rawalpindi Arts Council is to promote art and Culture in the area. The purpose behind these functions is to provide platform to the young generation to introduce their positive abilities amongst the people. Naheed Manzoor said that Rawalpindi Arts Council is busy enough in introducing the new talent.

It has been striving really hard to boost up activities relating to the field of art and culture. She said that such types of events are helpful to eradicate hesitation from the new young talent.

These cultural activities should be performed in sophisticated manners so that we can give soft image of your culture heritage to other nations. She said that our cultural norms are very delicate, neat and clean and we are all responsible to promote them in very befitting manners. Famous folk singer, Qurban niazi along with famous poetess Rukhsana nazi, Ali zeb, Naeem Aziz Mian and Hasnan pash were the judges of the competition.

According to their decision Zaheer Ahmed from Chak Balli Khan was the first while Ghulam Abbas from Rawalpindi was the second Kamran Satti from Gujjar Khan and Sameel Laki was third.

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