Target killing of doctor condemned

Karachi: Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) leader Dr Samrina Hashmi has condemned the target killing of Dr Hasan Alam, Medical Superintendent Sindh Govt Hospital, New Karachi.

In a statement, PMA leader said such type of target killings of highly trained professional on ethnic, sectarian and religion basis has become a routine in Karachi.

There are no serious steps taken by the government. The political parties are not serious at all to raise the issues pertaining to common man. Everyone in government and opposition is busy in their politics. Businesses are closing down every day. Small clinics and health facilities are shutting down due to lack of security. People are sending their children abroad. Doctors, teachers, trained personnel are leaving the country.

The PMA statement regretted power hungry political parties cannot even get together on one platform to say and condemn these killings. It said: “We have no hope, no faith in anyone. Only Allah can help us. Our government and political parties are selfish, deaf and dumb. They cannot save their poor public. May Allah save us and our country.”

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