The fourth injured brother of Ashkhel also died in hospital, strong protest was observed at the moment

Peshawar: The fourth injured brother known as Ahmad Jan son of Mena Dar Shinwari also succumbed to his deep wounds and passed away in a hospital in Peshawar. His three brothers had been killed on the third day of Eid at Ashkhel area of Landikotal.

Eight persons had been wounded in that incident besides, three killed on the spot whereas the fourth one died on Monday. The three killed persons were brothers whose fourth brother Ahmad Jan died in a hospital in Peshawar here on Monday.

The fourth one was buried the same Monday amid a heavy protest of his relatives and other people of the area who were chanting anti political administration slogans.

The two families had reportedly long standing land dispute in Ashkhel area of Landikotal, local sources said, adding that the case had been pending in tehsil office of political administration unresolved.

The protesters, particularly the father of the killed brothers Haji Mena Dar thinwari came hard on the political administration for doing no justice to have resolved their case, which resulted in the killing of his four sons, besides the injured ones.

The administration arrested my under age children despite the fact that my sons and nephews had been killed and wounded in the indiscriminate firing, Haji Mena Dar regretted, asking the government high ups to take serious notice of the incident and force the local authorities to detain the actual culprits .

The administration officials and the clerical staff don’t take serious interests in resolution of the petty issues and cases pending since long in tehsil offices, which result in bloody incidents, the victim father lamented.

An insider of the protest from the graveyard told that Tehsildar Landikotal Daftar Khan released the two under age children of Mena Dar family and pledged to arrest the members of the alleged family.

JUIF leader Maulana Muhammad Omer Banori while speaking on the occasion at the protest also criticized the administration for delaying and prolonging the cases of disputes, which result in big horrible incidents like this one.

Administration is morally and legally bound to resolve cases speedily on priority basis with complete justice without taking sides or bribes, JUIF leader observed, saying it was obligatory for the administration to work for creating peace in the area rather than to play delaying tactics in every issue.

It was also learnt that administration set free reportedly the two underage children of the victim family as a result of the masses protest.

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