Threat of contaminated water supply to Karachi stays: KWSB

Karachi: Despite repeated reminders the threat of contaminated industrial water coming from Kotri and Nooriabad to enter Keenjhar Lake through K.B Feeder still exists, said Managing Director Karachi Water & Sewerage Board Misbahuddin Farid after an inspection visit to Chalia and Kotri.

He said the steps taken after publication of news in media are not sufficient and the threat still poses a grave danger to the citizens of Karachi.

He was visiting the sites where preventive measures were taken to stop the contaminated water from entering K.B Feeder and in term Keenjhar Lake.

During the visit he found that the measure taken are only temporary and the threat to millions of citizens in Karachi still exist.

He said that despite many reminders during past 10 years Departments of Irrigation, Environment and Industries have failed to take necessary actions in order to stop the waste water of Kotri Industrial Area to reach the water supply to Karachi. Some preventive measures were taken after publication of news in media; however these measures are not enough.

He added that this is a severe threat to more than 20 million citizens of Karachi and immediate long-term actions must be taken to stop the waste water to reach the K.B Feeder. It is a vital necessity for the citizens of Karachi since 70% of the water supplied to Karachi comes from Keenjhar Lake.

In this regard, M.D KW&SB informed Secretary Irrigation, Secretary Environment, Secretary Industries and Commissioner Hyderabad about this very serious issue through a letter last month. He had requested that immediate actions must be taken to resolve the issue, short term and long term policies must be formulated since the waste poses a threat not only to human life but to the marine life as well. Moreover, the industries in Kotri and Jamshoro must also be directed not to dump their waste in the water streams and adopt alternate methods.

Eight months ago similar requests to Secretary Irrigation and Secretary Environment were made, requesting measure to stop Industrial Waste from Nooriabad and Kotri to reach Keenjhar Lake. However, despite many reminders over the years no action has been taken yet.

M.D KW&SB has directed Chief Engineer Bulk and Chief Chemist to collect samples from Keenjhar Lake to inspect and ensure that citizens of Karachi are supplied with clean and healthy drinking water.

He has informed Chief Secretary Sindh that the recent measures taken are not enough and residents of surrounding areas damage the temporary blockades every now and causing the contaminated water to fall into K-B Feeder. He has requested the concerned officials that they must take immediate preventive measures to protect human lives or else KW&SB would have no choice but to let the media decide about the facts.

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