Titanic of Muslim Ummah has started sinking: Altaf

KARACHI: Analyzing the grave law and order situation prevailing in Pakistan, Muttahida Qaumi Movement MQM chief Altaf Hussain has warned the Muslim world that the titanic of the Muslim Ummah had started sinking.

He said that the whole ship would collapse and sink if urgent steps were not taken at rescue. He was talking to a joint meeting of the Coordination Committee in London and Pakistan.

Hussain said that he was giving this example to the people of Pakistan by way of illustration as the boastful claims made for the titanic were being made for Pakistan as well. He said that owners of the titanic had boasted in 1911 in response to a question about the lack of rescue boats on the ship in case of any emergency, that even God would not be able to sink titanic as it was immensely strong and huge.

When the titanic hit the iceberg, its lower part began gradually to sink and people in the lower decks including women, children and elderly started searching safe places in utter desperation. The rich people and high officials on the upper deck had no idea that the ship was sinking. When these people inquired about the situation after seeing the waiters and crew members rushing past them in hurry, they were pacified and told that everything was fine. These people continued in their revelries, eating, drinking, singing and merrymaking.

When the crew started distributing lifejackets to the passengers of the upper deck, they were told that the weather was rough and hence it was advisable to wear lifejackets. The passengers of the upper deck remained engrossed in their activities without any worry. Finally the first deck also sank and all passengers except a few hundred perished.

Hussain said that there was a similarity between the current situation in Pakistan and the titanic ship. People on the “upper deck” are misleading the public by claiming that everything was fine. They are saying that everything would turn out to be good as Allah had created this country and Allah would save it.

Hussain appealed to the people of Pakistan not to forget his statement as the country may go down in the history as a tragic story if the situation was not changed.

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