Turkish delegation to visit Sindh for exploring investment opportunities

Karachi: A Turkish energy delegation is to visit Sindh to further explore investment opportunities in Thar Coal & Energy sector, Muhammad Zubair Motiwala, Chairman Sindh Board of Investment said.

In briefing on opportunities and investment potential in Energy sector in Sindh during a meeting with Ministry of Energy, Government of Turkey at the office of Ministry of Energy, in Ankara, Zubair Motiwala invited Turkish investors to come and invest in Sindh which could become future Power House of World due to huge Coal Reserves, Wind Corridor and availability of round the year sunlight to produce Solar Energy.

He told the meeting that Sindh wind corridor has average wind speed of 7-8 m/sec. Two companies M/s Zorlu and M/s Fina of Turkey have already invested in Wind Energy Power Project in Thatta district of Sindh while Turkish Government has shown keen interest in Thar Coal region.

The meeting was attended by the representative of Ministry of Energy (Turkey), Directorate General of Energy, Investment Planning & Power Generation Corporation (republic of Turkey), General Directorate of Coordination of European Union (EU), Turkish Oil Enterprises, Modern Research & Investment Institution (Turkey) and Geological Research Department of General Directorate of Energy.

Dr. Nevzat Kavakli, Under Secretary, Ministry of Energy, Turkey said that Republic of Turkey intends to increase bilateral cooperation with Pakistan. He added that Turkey required huge volumes of Coal for Electricity & Power Generation; Turkey imports more than 22.0 Million tons of coal every year to meet their needs. Turkey produces more than 8000 MWs of power from Lignite coal.

The Ministry of Energy proposed to enhance cooperation with Sindh through continuous efforts and showed keen interest to explore Thar Coal in more detail.

Secretary Coal & Energy Development Department, Government of Sindh Ajaz Ali Khan, who is also part of the delegation, gave detailed briefing on the quality & quantity of the coal and the opportunities of investment in Thar region. He also highlighted the incentive package announced by the government of Pakistan to support investment in Thar Coal.

Turkish counterparts highly appreciated the technical details of the lignite coal at Thar and reaffirmed that in short time a team of technical experts will visit Sindh to further explore the opportunity.

Karachi: Chairman Sindh Board of Investment Muhammad Zubair Motiwala while addressing the press conference about
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