Two schools in Naundero face multifarious problems

NAUNDERO: The Government Boys & Girls Higher Secondary Schools of Benazir Bhutto’s home town here face multifarious problems since last many years and there seems nobody in the government interested enough to resolve the issues confronting these schools.

The bad governance is evident here as Subject Specialists have been posted as incharge principals in both the schools

where more than 3,500 students are enrolled. The authorities have demolished all classes of IX and X in Boys Higher Secondary School forcing students to get education in the evening shift which starts from 1.00 pm. Instead of constructing these

classes in the two months summer vacations, the authorities without realizing the fact of playing with the future of the students, have started demolishing the classrooms after vacations and the construction is yet to start.

The boys students complained that there was no cold water drinking facility in the whole school which was inaugurated by PPP founder leader Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. The boys have been compelled to drink water from hand pumps. Classrooms of both the schools remain overcrowded.

Worst affected are the Girls Higher Secondary School of the hometown of Bhutto leaders where the post of the principal has been made a joke by the education department Sindh as the students and senior teachers are astonished because a junior subject specialist has been made the incharge principal. The students have further complained of teachers shortage as the vacant posts have not yet been filled since long.

Detailment and deputation culture is also flourishing in this school along with that of boys school as influential teachers and subject specialists have been posted here who just keep on drawing their monthly salaries only without fulfilling their legal & moral obligations and duties. No drinking water facility is available for over 1500 girl students of class VI to XII in this school.

Nobody knows where SMC funds were utilized in the past and the girls have been forced to bring their own water coolers from their homes for consumption in this hot weather.

The ceiling fans installed in the classrooms have never been repaired. A student Rehana said they cannot get quality

education at all and they will never be able to become doctors, engineers, researchers, deputy commissioners, superintendents of police and computer technologists. She further complained that their classrooms had no bulbs or savers. She further complained that their school wash-rooms were not being washed.

Another student who has left the school said that as many as 120 girls students against the capacity of 40 were enrolled in classes VI, VII and VIII and in classes IX & X more than 70 students were admitted in a single classroom as the students of various nearby schools come here and get admission. The citizens have asked the government to provide basic facilities to the school.

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