UN (Sacrifices of Pak Army need to be remembered on UN Day)

Rawalpindi: While the world celebrate 24 October as United Nations (UN) Day, we must not forget the role and sacrifices of Pakistan Army in United Nations Peacekeeping Missions all over the world.

Pakistan’s commitment with UN for promoting international peace and prosperity stems from the vision of its Founding Father, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Pakistan’s journey with UN Peacekeeping operations began in 1960 when it deployed its first ever contingent in United Nations Operations in Congo (ONUC). Over the past 50 years, Pakistan has been the most significant and consistent contributor to the UN Peacekeeping around the World.

Pakistani peacekeepers have left no stone unturned in the noble cause of helping humanity, building peace and bringing stability across the regions, under the banner of United Nations.

Pakistan’s dedication towards UN has been recognized by the fact that UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon himself visited Pakistan and inaugurated the Center for International Peace and Stability (CIPS) on 13 August 2013 and acclaimed Pakistan’s efforts in United Nations peacekeeping missions.

Pakistan has contributed 1, 51,505 troops till to-date in 41 Missions spread over 23 countries in almost all continents of the World. Pakistan has remained one of the largest Troops Contributing Countries consistently for many years.

Presently, Pakistan is contributing 8247 all ranks deployed in 6 different UN Missions. In pursuance of its commitment to the noble cause of international peace and tranquillity 136 Pakistani troops including 22 Officers have given the ultimate sacrifice in different UN Missions, almost an equal number have been wounded.

The performance of Pakistani peacekeepers has been acknowledged worldwide by numerous world leaders and the UN leadership. The undisputed high professional standing enjoyed by Pakistani peacekeepers has given them the honour of being one of the most desired body of troops in each UN Peacekeeping Mission.

Our troops deployed in UN missions are continuously engaged in tasks like protection of civilians, providing health care and medical facilities, building roads and infrastructure, assisting in conduct of elections and providing logistics and aviation support.

Pakistani contingents played a significant role in normalizing the war torn regions and countries by maintaining law and order and overseeing successful transition of Governments through supervision of elections in Cambodia, East Timor, Haiti, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Congo etc.

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