US ambassador extends Ramazan greetings

KARACHI: The United States Ambassador to Pakistan, Richard Olson, in a statement on the occasion of Ramazan said on Thursday that with the start of the sacred month of Ramazan, he extend his congratulations and best wishes to all Pakistani Muslims.

He said that the teachings of Islam place the utmost importance on religious freedom, harmony, and universal human values, and Ramadan is a period for demonstrating these virtues of tolerance and respect. “It is heartening to know that, in addition to prayer and spiritual reflection, Ramadan offers an opportunity to celebrate the principles that bind together people of all religious faiths – a commitment to peace, justice, equality, and compassion toward our fellow citizens.”

He said millions of Muslims in the United States also celebrate Ramazan by offering prayers and promoting values in accordance with the teachings of Islam. The American people understand the importance of Ramazan, and they value the service of Muslims.

Olson said: “On the occasion of my first Ramazan as the United States Ambassador to Pakistan, I am honoured to celebrate this holy month with you. Let me again offer my best wishes to all Pakistanis for a Ramadan blessed with the joys of family, peace, and understanding.”

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