WAPDA says it has nothing to with load shedding

Lahore: In view of news reports that continue to appear in media, holding the Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA) responsible for load shedding and other issues related to power sector, a WAPDA spokesperson has clarified that load shedding does not fall in its domain.

The spokesperson has made it clear that subsequent to introduction of the power sector reforms and unbundling of WAPDA’s Power Wing in 2007, WAPDA’s mandate now includes only the construction of new dams and hydropower projects and operation and maintenance of the existing hydro power stations, whereas rest of the matters relating to power sector including load shedding do not fall within the ambit of WAPDA.

The spokesperson further said that the matters such as thermal power generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, Load shedding, line losses, recovery of electricity bills, payment to the Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and other organizations etc. are now the responsibilities of public sector corporate entities.

These entities include Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO), Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA), National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), Power Generation Companies (GENCOs) and Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs) etc.

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