Water level rises at Tarbela and Mangla Dams

Lahore: With increasing flows, the water level in Tarbela reservoir has reached to 1504.98ft against the maximum level of 1550ft above sea level. The water thus stored so far at Tarbel dam is 4.182 MAF according to statistics released by WAPDA on Monday.

Similarly, water level at Mangla dam is 1185.15ft against its maximum level of 1242ft above sea level. The water stored so far is 3.552 MAF. The water level at Chashma is 645.30ft against maximum level of 649ft with storage of 0.148 MAF water.

The inflow in Indus River at Tarbela was recorded as 224500 cusecs and outflow as 160,000 cusecs. The inflow and outflow in River Kabul at Naushehra was 89000 cusecs. The inflow at Mangla in River Jhelum was 45300 cusecs and outflow was 15000 cusecs while inflow in Chenab River at Marala was 61200 and outflow was 27600 cusecs.

The upstream water flow in Indus River at Jinnah Barrage was recorded as 244200 cusecs and downstream flow as 236800 cusecs; at Chashma Barrage upstream flow was 270700 cusecs and downstream flow 243000 cusecs; at Taunsa Barrage upstream flow was 205600 cusecs and downstream flow was 179100 cusecs; the upstream flow at Panjnad was 10600 cusecs and downstream was nil.

At Gudu Barrage in River Indus, the upstream flow was 171700 cusecs and downstream flow 13600 cusecs; at Sukkur Barrage upstream flow was 109900 cusecs and downstream 54400 cusecs while at Kotri Barrage the upstream flow was 55472 cusecs and downstream 19902 cusecs.

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