World Polio Day on 25th Oct

RATODERO: As many as 303562 children up to five-years of age have been covered by Polio drops in Larkana district during the month of September 2013 exceeding the target, out of which 89995 were in Larkana city, 57276 Larkana periphery, 64449 in Ratodero taluka, 42580 in Dokri taluka and 49262 in Bakrani taluka for which 17857 vials of Polio vaccine were consumed by 718 teams which include 594 mobile teams. In 1998 target on census was 171324 children in the district which has increased manifold.

Out of these 17857 vials, 5294 are required for Larkana city alone, 3369 for Larkana periphery, 3791 for Ratodero, 2505 for Dokri and 2898 for Bakrani Taluka. These teams were monitored by 135 area incharge UCMOs out of which 35 are in Larkana city, 7 in Larkana periphery, 11 in Ratodero, 8 in Dokri and 9 in Bakrani taluka. Seven vehicles and 200 motorcycles were used to achieve the target for which 8616 Kgs of ice was used by the respective teams during their 3-day campaign.

The target set for 2013 for G1, G2 and G3 is 96892, 110399 and 22039 respectively. Last covered children include children up to six months total 29365 and between 6 months to 59 months include 274197 children. Six-months children in Larkana city are estimated up to 9891, Larkana periphery 6300, 5182 in Ratodero Taluka, 4200 in Dokri, and 3792 in Bakrani Taluka and 6 months to 59 months children include 80104 in Larkana city, 50976 in Larkana periphery, 59267 in Ratodero, 38380 in Dokri and 45470 in Bakrani Talukas.

District Health Officer, Larkana, Dr. Khalilullah Shaikh, told PPI that the polio target is not only always achieved but surpassed in Larkana because of the fact that people keep on travelling. He said some arrive to get treatment, to attend marriage ceremonies or any other gatherings such as bus stops, taxi or wagon stands.

Lady Health Workers are most suffering community in the Polio campaign as their services have not yet been regularized by the government despite former Prime Minister Yousif Raza Gilani’s commitment, assurances. The nature of their jobs is very tough as they go door to door and always face security problems but they discharge their duties perfectly better than men in Polio campaign specially. These LHWs, Supervisors and drivers are paid fixed salary of Rs:7000-00 per month which seem to be the violation of basic rights. Their daily Polio stipend has been raised from Rs150-00 daily to 250-00 per member which too is insufficient.

A senior doctor told PPI on condition of anonymity that the female Polio workers are facing wrath of youth in the villages when they go their for discharge of their duties as no police protection is provided to these female workers due to which they feel insecure. He further revealed that there are certain villages which are no-go areas for the polio teams such as Bachal Veesar, Gul Veesar villages and village of notorious bandit Shamoo Jatoi near Banguldero. He also said that another acute problem is of provision of conveyance and added that somehow they manage it to reach their points for the benefit of the mankind and to make Pakistan polio-free country.

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