WRF to enable importers to import raw materials

KARACHI: Small Medium Industrial Leasing Estates Pvt Ltd SMILE and Ace Control & Expertise Global Pvt Ltd ACE have invited SME trade leaders to a presentation on “Warehouse Receipt Financing” WRF on Wednesday, 21st August 2013 to acquaint them about the salient features of WRF for the benefit of SMEs involved in import, export, trading, farming, milling and processing of agricultural produce and commodities.

Fahad Khan and Hamid Raza senior executives of ACE will elaborate the concept and scope of WRF and related collateral management services to be provided by them in respect of certification, valuation, warehousing and logistics to facilitate the SMEs under WRF at home and abroad under their global network.

The WRF will enable importers to import raw materials for the whole year and stock it in the warehouse under the custody of ACE and likewise the exporters can utilize the services for obtaining finance by offering their inventory as collateral to them.

The WRF is also available for the farmers, millers and processors for pledging their goods with the collateral managers and on the basis of their certification obtain finance from the bankers as per arrangement of the collateral managers and facilitators.

Zulfikar Thaver the chief executive officer CEO of SMILE will lead the delegation of SME trade leaders of textiles, grains, leather, farmers, millers and processors to enable them to acquaint themselves with the concept and practice of WRF for onward propagation to the SME units to open a new chapter in SME financing on the basis of collateral management.

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