Yom e Khatm e Nabuwat

QUETTA: Sacrifices were rendered in every regime for the security of faith of Khatam e Nabuwat and struggle was made against clamant of Nawabut. Muslims were ready for every sacrifice for defending this faith. Ulema and others fought against non believer of this faith in and outside Parliament.

These views were expressed by Ulema in their speeches during juma congregations here Friday. They also spoke of importance of faith of Khatam Nabuwat, Yom e Difa Pakistan and Jihad. They included Maulana Anwarul Haq Haqqani, Mufti Abdul Salam, Mufti Saifur Rehman, Maulana Abdul Sattar Shah and others.

Ulema said more than ten thousand people embraced martyrdom in 1953 for the security of Khatam Nabuwat. Ulema from all schools of thought fought legal and Shariah war for the security of this faith in 1973 resultantly Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani and his followers were declared Non Muslims.

They said Ulema were ready for security of faith of Khatam Nabuwat and defence of land of our country. They said a Qadiani has been appointed Advocate General in Khyber Pashtoonkhwa which Muslims would not tolerate in any case. They said Jews, Christians and Qadianis gathered and Muslims would face such conspiracy at ever front. They said conspiracies against Islamic articles of Constitution were at peak.

Ulema through a resolution demanded that Qadianis should be removed from key posts.

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