150 gateless railway crossings in Sialkot district

SIALKOT: There are as many as 150 railway crossings having no gates in Sialkot district due to which there could be any mishap on these gateless railway crossings. They were posing severe life threat for the people. These crossings are located at a railway track from Sialkot to Wazirabad via Sambrial and from Sialkot to Pasrur including various congested areas of Sialkot city and Uggoki, Sahowala, Sambrial, Begowala, Adalatgarha, Alhar, Chawinda and Pasrur.

According to the Sialkot based officials of Pakistan Railways PR, there is more than 100 KMs long railway track from Sialkot to Narowal. They said that now most of this track was rusting. There was no gate since the establishment of these railway crossings. Several hundreds of the vehicles and donkey carts pass through these gateless railway crossings. The dozens of the people have yet lost their lives and sustained serious injuries in several fatal accidents on these railway crossings in past, they added.

Meanwhile, local social, religious, political and business circles have expressed grave concern over this nasty situation. They said that affixing the gates on these railway crossings was the duty of the Pakistan Railways PR. They said that they had repeatedly brought this situation into the notice of the high ranking officials of Pakistan Railway PR but they had not yet done nothing in practical for early affixation of the gates there.

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