About Us

If you talk about Pakistan’s top online news websites, so you will find it one of them and that is not all, this website is known for maintaining high international standards when it comes to publishing news of all kinds. The website has been free from being influenced by any pressure group or any political stance since its beginning, and that got possible only through our professional method of working guided by the norms of journalism. The website has readers from all across the world, and it shows that this website is the first choice of getting to know about the current happenings in Pakistan and the region. The website has the best archiving system, which helps the readers to find out any backdated news with comfort. Although the website covers the news from all the provinces, it has given the specific focus to Balochistan as it is one of the prominent provinces of Pakistan, because of its ability to boom the country’s economy.

As we have got able to recognize our news website internationally, so behind that there is our clear policy and it is to publish only that news which is verified by the team behind our news website. We believe that getting the trust of readers, is the hardest job, but losing it takes one second, so we cannot compromise to lose it as we have got it after the long struggle of providing them authentic news of all the sectors. While revealing to you our renowned credibility, we cannot overlook the efforts of our news sources, who make sure that they provide us the news which cannot harm the reliability of our news website.

The website stands beside small businesses in the country and offers them to use its platform for getting recognized internationally. We have not limited our news websites only to publish news from all the sectors we want to witness the growing business activities all across the country and the region and for that, we offer the businesses to avail our press release services. This is the service through which many businesses have got many financial benefits and international recognition.

Do you want to have any sort of suggestion regarding our news website? Or like to give your point of view regarding any news? Meet us on any social media forum and yes, if we say “any social media”, so it means the social media team has ensured our strong existence on all the social platforms. You can also our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds to have insight into very happening around you.