Assistant Secretary General of OIC calls on Minister for Science and Technology

Islamabad: Abdul Moiz Bokhari, Assistant Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Countries OIC called on Federal Minster for Science and Technology Mr. Zahid Hamid. The Minister was briefed about various activities going on for the promotion of Science and Technology, education, environment and other areas in the Muslim Ummah.

The Assistant Secretary General thanked Pakistan for hosting the COMSTEQ secretariat which is the focal standing committee on Science and Technology of the organization and lauded the leadership role of Pakistan for the promotion of S&T among the Muslim Ummah.

He emphasized that S&T plays a pivotal role for the political empowerment and social and economic development of the Muslim world. He said that at higher education level 163 students of OIC members countries are studying on scholarship, funded by the member states of organization in various universities in Muslim world at post graduate and doctorate level under the Education Exchange Programme.

While taking to the Minister, he emphasized that this scholarship may be publicized extensively for the benefit of students in Pakistan.

The Minister lauded the role of the Organization and said that excellence in knowledge, research and innovation is imperative for the Ummah to reclaim its rightful place in the International community. He appreciated the initiative taken by OIC in the popularization of S&T and higher education programmes.

He commended the OIC Educational Exchange Programme ‘Solidarity through Academia which consists of scholarships, faculty exchange, distance learning and research project.

He assured him that Pakistan would extend its full support to the OIC as well to the COMSTEQ secretariat. Pakistan is also looking forward to the S&T summit being organized by COMSTAQ and government will extend maximum support for this purpose.

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