Candidate for NA2 of QWP alleges that a contester on the same constituency use funds of BISP

Peshawar: Candidate for NA2 of Qaumi Watan Party QWP Malik Haider Khan Khalil has alleged that a contester on the same constituency using funds of Benazir Income Support Programme BISP for his election campaign

“Thirteen hundreds poor women were given 7,000 rupees with pledges to cast their votes in favour of him and National Identity Cards NICs were also taken from them as guarantee till the polling date,” he claimed during a seminar organized by Association for Creation of Employment ACE held here Press Club on Monday.

The seminar titled, “Candidates Forum for Singing ECP Code of Conduct, in which almost all the contenders of NA2 were invited but due to incident bomb blasts occurred on University Road on Monday’s morning, only contester appeared in the seminar.

Flanked by the ACE Chairman, Zuber Anbiya and its representatives and an observer, Chairman Karawan organization Khalid Ayub, Mr Khalil condemned the bomb blast and said he did not know how elections would be held in such deteriorating situations.

He stressed for the peaceful atmosphere for the forthcoming elections 2013 so that the masses sans feeling any hesitation could come to the polling stations and elect their sincere leadership for the better Pakistan.

Regarding the QWP, he said their priority was to restore peace, for which they had already planned to initiate talks with the militants. The QWP’s manifesto is very strong regarding welfare of the country and masses, he added. He asked the Election Commission of Pakistan ECP to create a peaceful atmosphere for the upcoming elections.

Khalid Ayub on the occasion he said every political party was presenting strong manifesto but unfortunately when they come into power they owing to their ineligibility can’t implement their promises with the nation.

He said his caravan was going to form a National Jirga as a pressure group aimed at asking the government and concerned ministers regarding backing out of their pledges with nation.

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