Concern on proposed changes in Trade Organisation Act

Karachi: Siraj Kassam Teli, Chairman Businessmen Group and Muhammad Haroon Agar, President Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry (KCCI), expressing concern over proposed changes and in the Trade Organization Act 2012, have demanded to take into confidence and create consensus with all the Business & Industrial Community of Pakistan, especially KCCI before making any changes.

In a joint statement here Saturday they urged that for the sake of Pakistan’s economy it must be assured that no changes in the said Act are made without consultation of the business and industrial community of Pakistan and the true spirit of Trade Organizations Ordinance 2007 must not change in the Trade Organization Act 2012.

Siraj Kassam Teli stated that after approval from National Assembly the Trade Organization Act 2012 has been sent to Senate of Pakistan for consensus and approval where by the Chairman of Senate’s Standing Committee on Commerce Senator Ghulam Ali belongs to a particular business group and who himself is a party in this matter, has proposed several amendments in the Trade Organization 2012. He has proposed to convene a joint meeting of Standing Committee of Senate and National Assembly to approve the said Act with consensus. We cannot accept unilateral/ one-sided decisions/amendments by vested interest at all, he said.

Teli said that the Trade Organisation Act 2012 and its rules require to be revisited in consultation with the stakeholders owing to controversial new clauses. It has been observed that the Trade Organizations Act 2012 is not at all in the spirit of the Trade Organizations Ordinance 2007 prepared with the consultation of genuine stakeholders across the country.

The prime objective of the Trade Organizations Ordinance 2007 was to curtail/eliminate the fake and bogus associations. He articulated that today the world is a global village and economic power is the name of the game and it is imperative to have correct economic policies to survive in the comity of nations, therefore, it is very important to have genuine representative trade bodies for interaction, resolution, and formulation of right policies with the government.

Haroon Agar, President KCCI stated that owing to importance of Trade Organization Act and reservations of the business and industrial community on the recently passed Trade Organization Act 2012 by National Assembly without consultation of all genuine stakeholders across Pakistan, KCCI has sent letter to the President of Pakistan and Prime Minister to intervene for taking on board all genuine stakeholders.

Speaker of National Assembly, Chairman Senate along with Chairmen and Members of Standing Committees of National Assembly and Senate on Commerce are also requested for their involvement to remove the apprehensions of the business and industrial community in this regard.

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