Cradle of all civilisations may be in Pakistan’s own backyard’

KARACHI: The cradle of all civilisations of the world may be located in Pakistan’s own backyard, in Mehergarh, the province of Balochistan. The Mehergarh civilisation flourished about 10,000 years ago around 7500BC. This was said by German archaeologist Dr Ute Franke in a lecture presentation given in a talk “Balochistan Evening” given at the residence of German Consul General Dr Tilo Klinner.

Dr Franke said the history of Balochistan could be traced back at least 8,000 years and could be seen as the precursor to the Indus Valley Civilisation. She added that is why in her opinion it could be said with authority that Balochistan was the cradle of civilisation. Her in-depth presentation was given with the help of slides which made the lecture an audio visual treat for the layman.

German Consul General who earlier introduced archaeologist Dr Ute Franke said the areas that make up present day Pakistan, comprise the most distinguished societies of South Asia. He added that historical artefacts are the treasure of any nation, and Germany would help Pakistan in this respect.

The lecture was followed by a performance by Sachu Khan on his suroz (a string instrument) and dance performances by a quartet of Baloch dancers. The evening concluded with a sumptuous dinner of traditional Baloch delicacies.

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