Death anniversary of Z.A.Bukhari being observed today

The death anniversary of first Director General of Radio Pakistan, Zulfikar Ali Bukhari (Z.A.Bukhari) is being observed on Thursday.

Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari was born on 1904 in Peshawar. After completing his studies he became a Munshi (or a teacher) and was ultimately promoted as the head of the bureau of translation.

During Bukhari's tenure, the radio station was a place frequented by intellectuals, writers, musicians, poets and scholars. He turned Radio Pakistan into an institution where raw hands got their early training and went ahead in search of greener pastures. Mirza Zafar-ul-Hassan compiled Yad-i-Yar-i-Mehrban, a book on Bukhari.

Both the publications contain Bukhari's satire columns and some transcriptions of his broadcasts, including the rare ones broadcast by him in Urdu from the BBC during his stay in London. Bukhari's other books include Sarguzasht, an autobiography, Jo Kuchh Main Ne Kaha, a collection of his verses and Raag Darya, a book on music. Z.A. Bukhari died in Karachi on July 12, 1975.

Source: Radio Pakistan