Dishonest and inefficient officials are scared of August 30th deadline, Spokesman

Peshawar: Media Coordinator and Spokesperson to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sheraz Paracha has said that only those elements in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government are scared of the 30th August deadline who do not perform their official duties with honesty, efficiency and professionalism, and believe in disgracing the public instead of serving then.

In a statement issued here on Wednesday Mr. Paracha said that Chief Minister, Pervez Khattak highly valued the honest, hardworking and dutiful officials; and considered the honest and dutiful officers of bureaucracy as the most important
member of his team.

He said that the Chief Minister was very much strict about the use of government resources and public exchequer and public exchequer adding that Pervez Khattak is of the conviction that government exchequer is the trust of the public and the tax payers and those involved in the misuse of the public trust should be brought to book.

Sheraz Paracha has further said that the Chief Minister has given a deadline of 30th August to the administrative heads of all the provincial departments to evolve such mechanism and reforms in their respective department by the given deadline as to curb bribery, corruption and misuse of government resources.

The spokesperson has said that the system could not be set strait until and unless the government departments did not perform their duties properly and under the law.

The Chief Minister is strictly against corruption, inefficiency and misuse of resources; said the spokesman adding that during the last three months a loss of millions of rupees in the expenditures of Chief Minister secretariat has been avoided whereas the daily expenditure of residence and office of chief Minister had come to lacs of rupees in the near past; and now such unnecessary expenditures have totally been curtailed.

Similarly all types of corruptions and other such activities in Pakhtunkhwa House Islamabad have been put to an end which had earned a bad name to the House; continued the spokesman adding that nowadays no one feel inconvenience and fear
in staying in the House along with his family.

Sheraz Paracha said that after the deadline of 30th August, people would come to know about the priorities and measures of the provincial government; and this deadline will be a starting point of positive change in the province. He said that there would be no room for hose do not respect the public and believe in the exploitation of the people instead of serving them.

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