Due to wrong policies of the rulers the country is passing through a worse situation, PTI President

Peshawar: Expressing grave concern over the performance of present government, Pakistan Tehreek Insaf PTI district Peshawar newly elected president has said that due to wrong policies of the rulers the country is passing through a worse situation in its history.

Speaking at a press conference here at press club on Tuesday Yasin Khalil said that corruption, joblessness, inflation, energy crisis and deteriorating law and order was common while target killing of doctors, aid workers, journalists and common citizens had made their life miserable.
Further criticizing the government policies, he added rampant corruption had put national exchequer at stake and verge collapse.

Flanked by Younis Zahir, PTI district general secretary, he also criticized that Awami National Party ANP government had failed to stop terrorism and militancy in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa during five years of tenure.

Reply to a question, the newly elected president of PTI said intraparty election of the party at regional and provincial level would be completed within two weeks. He claimed that if PTI came into power they would pull out the country from the crisis being faced by the masses.

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