Federal Minister Ahsan Iqbal -Press

GWADAR: Gwadar Port is a key port in the region. Planning for its sustainable development was being made. We are desirous for peace in Balochistan. Killing of teachers and professional people is not in the interest of the province.

This was stated by Federal Minister for Planning and development Ahsan Iqbal while speaking to Newsmen here Thursday.

Minister said Balochistan is rich in mineral resources. Unfortunately no planning was made to exploit them and non interest was shown in this regard. With this beautiful area of Balochistan is confronted with backwardness and deprivations.

He said our government prepared a plan for overall development of Mekran from 1997 to 1999. It was aimed at development of Mekran but governments afterwards ignored this. Gwadar Port was also launched by our government.

He said our government is working on comprehensive development planning in the country and a planning upto 2025 was underway. We are committed to make Gwadar Port an exemplary port. It would prove hub of economic development. Kashghar to Gwadar Corridor project is part of this. Functional of Gwadar Port would be ensured at all costs. The day is not far away when international trade would begin from this Port. It would not only an exemplary for prosperity of the region but fate of country would also change.

We do not rely on mere promises. Now democratic era has begun in Pakistan. Democracy is name of people’s rule and we would go by wishes of the people.

He urged people of the area should concentrate on education. Challenge s of 21 st century cannot be met with gun and explosive rather these lies secret in vision.

He asked those engaged in insurgency to mould them on dialogues. Federal government is desirous of making up excesses of Balochistan.

He welcome oath taking of Sardar Akhtar Mengal as good sign and said his joining national mainstream is in or interest. Vesting government in nationalists in Balochistan is also aimed at improving situation here.

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