Govt asked to release Hyderabad uplift fund

HYDERABAD: Zulfiqar Ali Chohan, Chairman Sub Committee HCCI for Municipal Corporation, HDA and Sindh Building Control Authority on Wednesday demanded of Sindh government to release Hyderabad District Development fund.

Sindh government should not give step motherly treatment to the people of Hyderabad district. The Hyderabad Water and Sanitation Authority and the Municipal Corporation Administration are reminded about basic requirements of the citizens, who start crying about shortage of funds and then keep silence.

Citizens of Qasimabad, Latifabad and Hyderabad are deprived of drinking water as the WASA has no funds to operate filter plant.”Roads are inundated by sewerage water, whereas the garbage dumps are spread all over the city. Municipal Corporation is facing shortage of funds hence, is running under debit.

WASA and Municipal Corporation staffs are not paid salaries; therefore, they are not taking interest in performance of their duties. Since the city roads are already broken, therefore, fasting travellers will have to face difficulty during the holy month of Ramzan.

There are no arrangements for drainage of rain water during current monsoon season in Hyderabad. The stagnant rain water would further damage the roads of the city. The district administration is also not paying attention to Hyderabad development.

Due to damaged infrastructure of the city, the business and industrial activities suffer badly. The district administration should draw attention of the Sindh government towards the fundamental problems of business community and the public in general.

Chohan regretted and said that the development funds for Hyderabad have not been released by the relevant authorities. Problems faced by the people of Hyderabad are becoming serious with the passage of time. Though business community is paying billions of rupees in various taxes including development tax to the federal as well as provincial government, yet they are being ignored.

If Sindh government allocates only 5% of the amount of taxes it collects from Hyderabad District towards District Development, the basic problems of the people of Hyderabad district could be solved easily. Zulfiqar Ali Chohan demanded of Sindh government to allocate and release Hyderabad Development funds immediately in the larger interest of the citizens.

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