Govt carried out record uplift: Memon

Karachi: Sindh Minister for Information Sharjeel Inam Mamon has said that PPP government has carried out record development in Sindh and provided jobs to the thousands of unemployed educated youth.

In a statement issued here Thursday, he said that the Sindh government had lunched number of mega projects to provide relief to the poor masses of Sindh. Besides the Sindh government has launched Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program BBSYDP to address chronic unemployment through skill development of the unemployed educated youth.

Minister said under this program the government had provided training and stipends to 104,174 youth and another 117,274 were under training and 31.5% of them were women.

Mamon said the World Bank has given soft grant of US$ 16 million for training of 45000 youth and Japan Social Development Fund has given grant of US$ 3 million for training of 5000 youth.

He added that 13540 women had been trained by NCHD in market based stitching, 6700 women trained by Livestock Department as livestock workers while 6021 women trained in ICT trades.

Under STEVTA as Technical Institute had been providing modern trainings to the youth of province to technical training institutes have been upgraded to impart modern training. Hightech training institute has been started in district Benazirabad in collaborations with Pakistan Air Force.

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