Iranian Consul General invites Sirajul Haq for Iran visit

Peshawar: Iranian Consul General Hasan Darveshwand called on the KP Senior Minister and parliamentary leader of JI Sirajul Haq at latter’s office Civil Sect Peshawar on Thursday. He remained there for some time and discussed matters of mutual interest. He also invited Sirajul Haq for Iran visit.

The Senior Minister while accepting the invitation said that he has visited Iran earlier and has experienced the spirit of fraternity and brotherhood among the people and govts of both the neighbouring Islamic countries. He said Pak-Iran friendship is above board while Pakistan highly value the realistic and clear cut stance of Iran on international issues as well its rock like stand on principles.

He said relations among both the countries were improving with passage of time that would never be affected by intrigues of imperial powers. He underlined the need of benefiting each other of the resources, development, manpower and experiments of both the countries.

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