Islam forbids harming anybody: Speakers

Lahore: True follower of the Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him will never harm any innocent and never indulge in any immoral activity, speakers said at a seminar.

Unfortunately Islam is being associated with terrorism and violence due to the actions of a few extreme individuals who’ve taken it upon themselves to do the most heinous crimes in the name of Islam, they said.

Sahibzada Sultan Faizul Hassan of Astana-e Alya Haq Bahu, Professor Ijaz Mehmood Qadri and others said this while speaking at Pakistan Economy Watch PEW forum held the other day.

They said that tragic events like church bombing in Peshawar are assumed to be justified by Islam in minds of some misguided people who are defaming religion.

The actions of a few fanatical individuals who happen to have Muslim names should not be a yardstick by which Islam is judged.

To understand Islam’s stance on terrorism we must refer to its original sources, the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH which are explicit in their prohibition of any form of injustice, said Sahibzada Sultan Faizul Hassan and Ijaz Mehmood Qadri.

They said that Quran turns our attention to the high value of human life, whether it is Muslim or non-Muslim and makes it absolutely forbidden to take an innocent life unjustly. The gravity of such a crime is equated, in the Quran, with the killing of all humanity.

It is responsibility of people and the government to safeguard the minorities at all costs, they underlined.

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Murtaza Mughal, President PEW said that concentration of wealth is linked to terrorism. Political interference in the police is also fanning terrorism and its basic reason lies on poverty and illiteracy, he said.

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