JA Solar Launching a New Series of Highly Efficient PV Modules

SHANGHAI, Feb. 26, 2014 / PRNewswire — JA Solar, a global leading manufacturer of high performance solar cells and modules, will launch its PERCIUM module and RIECIUM module in global exhibitions since February, 2014. The products have already been successfully launched in CleanTech Summit & Exhibition in Israel on 18th February and will show up in several upcoming exhibitions such as PV Expo in Japan on 26th February, Ecobuild in UK in March, and SNEC in China in May.

285W rated power is expected for 6×10 PERCIUM modules, which surpasses that of the average mono-crystalline silicon (“mono-Si”) solar cells by 20W. PERCIUM solar cell, a fundamental element of PERCIUM module, has surpassed a conversion efficiency of 20.3%, 1.3% higher than average, by applying technologies including passivated backside and local BSF. The module produces 8% more power output per unit area than average. Besides, cost caused by transportation, installation and BOS will be dramatically reduced and 1% more power will be yielded in low-light environment because of its excellent low-light performance.

270W rated power is expected for 6×10 RIECIUM modules, which surpasses that of the average multi-crystalline silicon solar cells by 15W and that of the average mono-Si solar cells by 5W. By applying black silicon technique, RIECIUM solar cells, fundamental elements of RIECIUM module, are able to have identical appearances which make the whole collection more appealing. RIECIUM solar cell has surpassed a conversion efficiency of 18.3%, 0.8% higher than average. The module produces 6% more power output per unit area than average and cost caused by transportation, area, installation and BOS will be dramatically reduced. Besides, RIECIUM module proves its superior PID-resistant ability by passing double IEC standard test.

JA Solar only uses high quality components from the best suppliers. All its products are manufactured automatically in-house, a procedure inspected and certified by PI-Berlin and Solar-IF. Apart from PID test, products of the company also passed Long-term Reliability Tests, Harsh Climate Environment Endurance Tests, and other tests certified by TUV, SUD and ETL.

The PERCIUM module is suitable for residential and commercial rooftops (small and medium-sized). The RIECIUM module is suitable for not only ground and manufacturing rooftops, but also residential and commercial rooftops. JA Solar plans to commence mass production of these two modules and integrate them into module assembly lines for commercial use in May, 2014.

For more information, please visit www.jasolar.com.

SOURCE  JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd.

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