JI manifesto guarantees all rights to women

Lahore: Provision of all the legal, economic and political rights to the womenfolk as enshrined in the Shariah, especially their right to education and inheritance, and elimination of the unIslamic practices in the society are the salient features of the Jamaat e Islami election manifesto highlighted by JI leaders at a press conference on Thursday in connection with the World Women Day.

Women constitute almost half of the country’s population and they must be provided their rights in the light of Islamic teachings, so that they are able to play their due role in nation building, a team of JI leaders including Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, JI women wing chief, Dr.Rukhsana Jabeen and Begum Samiha Raheel Qazi, told newsmen at the Lahore Press club.

JI leaders noted that the country was passing through the worst period of its history, poverty and unemployment were on the increase, and the rulers had failed to deliver in all spheres. Education was at the lowest on the priority list of the rulers who were busy in loot and plunder.

Obscenity and immorality were being promoted in the society under a plan due to which the character of the young generation was being ruined. The people in power were least concerned about the problems and the difficulties of the masses in the country.

The JI leaders listed poverty, illiteracy and lack of basis heath facilities besides presence of ugly practices in the society, the women‘s deprivation from their Islamic right to inheritance and ownership as the major problems facing the women in the country.

The JI manifesto guarantees women rights to inheritance and ownership, elimination of practices like heavy dowry, neglecting the remarriage of widows, marriage with the Quran, honour killings, and exchange marriages.

It also assures the provision of education to the girls from primary up to higher and professional education in the best and respectable atmosphere, setting up of separate medical colleges and universities for women in all the provinces.

JI plans to discourage the practice of three time divorce in one sitting effective used of the media. It also envisages elimination of injustices done to the women through legal means, provision of jobs to the divorced women on priority basis. It assures the entitlement of the women to four month maternal leave with full pay. It also assures the women right to get admission at the medical colleges nearest to their home. It also assures provision of financial assistance to the women to start cottage/ home industries at home thus enabling them earn their living.

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