JUI-Consultative programme

QUETTA: Jamiat Ulema e Islam has urged upon government functionaries and NGOs to mobilize all resources for welfare and provision of basic amenities of life to the masses. People in the province are deprived of clean drinking water and other basic facilities of life. Balochistan rural Support Programme BRSP was playing significant role for the development of the province and provision basic facilities of life to the people.

These views were expressed by JUIF MPAs Gul Muhammad Domar, Mufti Gulab Khan, Maulvi Maazullah, Abdul Malik Kakar, Mohtarma Husn Bano Rakhshani and Chief Executive BRSP Nadir Gul Barech while speaking during BRSP Consultative programme held here.

JUI leaders said that situation in the province is extremely deteriorated. Owing to lawlessness and corruption instead of progressing we are heading towards decline. What to speak of modern facilities, people are deprived of clean drinking water. This is the reason large number of people are suffering from hepatitis B,C. Even during this modern age people are forced to drink water along with animals from water ponds. There exist hospital and schools but doctors and teachers are not available.

Chief Executive BRSP Nadir Gul Barech said BRSP is an organisation which was working for raising standard of living of poor people in far flung and backward areas of the province.

Briefing JUI leaders about activities of BRSP he said it was working in different parts of Balochistan in the field of health, cleanliness, education drinking water, animal husbandry and agriculture.

He said social mobilisation is very important through which it instigates people to work in their respective areas in social sectors under self help basis. He said social mobilization which is a process of social change has been experienced in Pakistan and different countries. BRSP to expand its programme, it also worked on different projects. It was working on community physical infrastructure projects in several areas of Balochistan such as clean drinking water, irrigation channels and pumps, windmill, solar pumps and shingle roads.

In addition with financial assistance of PPAF BRSP has also provided facilities to education infrastructure projects repaired schools and restoration and provided them computer lab, science lab, library, reading, writing material and sports equipment.

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