KWSB establishes three Sodium Hypo Chlorite plants

KARACHI: Karachi Water & Sewerage Board KWSB has established three Sodium Hypo Chlorite plants on experimental basis to ensure standard chlorine level in the water supply.

KWSB is considering use of Sodium Hyper Chlorite instead of use of Chlorine through Chlorination. Sodium Hypo Chlorite is a liquid gas easily available in local market. Sodium Hypo Chlorite is used as a water purifier in many countries. It is easier to handle and its availability within Karachi makes it a better option than Chlorine which is available outside the city and costs include transportation of Chlorine Cylinders.

Sodium Hypo Chlorite Plant is located at Port Qasim Karachi, which would save transportation cost. Being a liquid gas, Sodium Hypo Chlorite could be mixed with water directly, saving the cost for Chlorination process. Sodium Hypo Chlorite could easily be stored or ordered on daily basis, making it available all the times.

Moreover, KWSB is establishing a Laboratory at Chilya that would cost 15 million rupees. With the cooperation of EPA, the lab would be used to test the supply to Karachi. This lab would enable KWSB to find any bacteria or viruses in water supply and deal with them before hand. The decision was made during a meeting chaired by Commissioner Hyderabad.

KWSB under its newly formulated strategy would establish testing centres and laboratories to check water supply to Karachi at different points. These steps are taken to ensure public safety and provision of healthy supply to the citizens of Karachi.

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