KWSB nod must for multi-storeyed buildings

Karachi: No Objection Certificate NOC from Karachi must compulsion for multi-storeyed construction sites in Karachi including projects in cantonment boards.

Managing Director KW&SB Misbahuddin Farid in a meeting with Deputy Managing Directors directed that the NOC must be deemed a compulsion for relieving water and sewerage supply system of any extra burden.

He said that all cantonment boards have been informed about the decision since many projects are under progress or scheduled in the MES and Cantonment areas. Cantonment boards are issuing NOCs for Multi-storey projects without Water Board consensus.

He said that without prior information and legal charges water board cannot facilitate such projects and currently projects are attached with KW&SB water supply and sewerage system without prior information.

Moreover, he said that water board does not receive any betterment charges from cantonment boards therefore all connections within the city, MES and Cantonment areas must be disconnection immediately.

He said that letters have been issued to MES Authorities and Cantonment Boards informing them that in order to ensure water supply and sewerage system for all new development and construction projects in their areas NOC must be acquired. This would not only ensure proper expansion of the water supply and sewerage system in the city but would also enable KW&SB to evaluate the possibility of the new connection and the load on the current system. Since, due to such practices KW&SB water supply and sewerage system is already overloaded.

NOC would be a compulsory requirement for all projects within the city as well and connection to all projects without NOC would be disconnected.

M.D KW&SB also indicated the need of sewerage charges for the betterment of sewerage system within the city. The maintenance of the sewerage system is an expensive task and these charges would be used to ensure better sewerage facilities to the citizens.

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