LANDIKOTAL: IDPs stages protest

Peshawar: Koki Khel IDPs staged a protest demonstration at Babe Khyber Jamrud here on Wednesday. The internally displaced persons of Koki Khel tribe are living a miserable life these days.

The Koki Khel tribesmen have been displaced I very large number but the concerned authorities and departments have failed to facilitate or mitigate their sufferings since long, this was said by the chairman of Koki Khel IDPs Akram Ullah jan Koki Khel while speaking to a procession of IDPS at Babe Khyber Jamrud.

The protest demonstration began from Jamrud press club and ended at Babe Khyber, which was largely attended by locals and IDPS from Koki Khel tribe.

Akram Ullah jan Afridi regretted that the concerned departments and officials of FATA and Khyber Agency have totally ignored to facilitate or register the internally displaced persons of the Koki Khel tribe who were pushed out from Tirah Valley.

The Koki Khel Tirah based IDPs have been in great trouble and suffering a miserable life since their expulsion from their respective areas in Tirah, Akram Ullah Jan opined, saying if the government further ignored to help them, they would prolong and spread their protest to let the world know about their pathetic condition.

Akram Ullah Jam Koki Khel, the chairman of IDPs, has requested the president of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari to take notice of the worrisome condition of their tribesmen and the failure of the FATA line departments with regard to registration and facilitation of their fellow tribesmen.

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