Major gas theft in Al-Asif Square found

KARACHI: SSGC’s Customer Relations Department (CRD) team conducted a raid against direct use of gas in the heavily populated Al-Asif Square in Sohrab Goth, Karachi.

The team found out that gas worth Rs 5 billion or 37,220 million cubic feet was stolen on yearly basis in and around Asif Square and decided to launch a major crackdown. They disconnected 500 domestic connections that were taking gas directly through rubber pipes. The CRD team cracked down against more than 15 local restaurants that were running their businesses by using illegal direct domestic connection. In addition, a number of sewing factories were running heavy generators by taking connections from domestic lines were summarily disconnected during the raid.

The raiding party included CRD’s General Manager Mujtaba Ahmed, Fazal Rashid (ADGM-CRD), Tasawar Mustafa, DCM (Recovery) and Nawab Ali Shah (Raid Incharge). Al-Asif Square Residents’ Association cooperated fully with the SSGC team and informed them that the residents were facing tremendous issues in paying their gas bills and in getting their domestic connections restored.

GM CRD announced that a Camp Office manned by SSGC staff will be set up in the area for at least two days in a week to help the residents pay their bills through easy installments as well as settle their meter restoration problems on the spot. The GM said that those consumers who have had their connections disconnected for failure to pay bills or for using gas directly can settle their bills in the bank and produce them before SSGC staff for reconnection on the same day.

The CRD team noticed that the meters inside the flats were in extremely bad shape, with some facing decay, due to absence of hygienic conditions and lack of maintenance. In such situations, they informed the residents that the meter readers faced tremendous problems in reading meters and suggested to the Association to clean up the meters on regular basis to ensure proper reading.

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