NADRA: NADRA follows strict standard operating procedures regarding issuance of identity documents: Spokesperson

Islamabad: NADRA on Thursday categorically denied any political bias affecting its processes of computerized national identity card (CNIC) issuance. All standard operating procedures for such processes are clearly defined and they leave absolutely no room for any discrepancies whatsoever; NADRA spokesperson said this in a statement issued here refuting the impression appeared in section of press.

She added that NADRA, throughout its history, has followed strict standard operating procedures regarding issuance of all types of identity documents. These procedures have been set to ensure 100% accuracy in the registration process in order to avoid any identity theft or fraud.

The authority takes pride in noting that these SOPs are applied to all Pakistani nationals regardless of their social or political standing. The rules set out for the registration, of any sort, at NADRA are so streamlined that they do not allow for intervention within the process by any external party, she added. She said that process at all NADRA NRCs, throughout the country, is unanimous and the NADRA staff adheres to a stringent code of conduct, all this is facilitated by state of the art technology which ensure full security and demands full accuracy of all data.

She further said no citizen of the state can get his or hers Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) made or renewed without being physically present at any of NADRA’s registration centers.

During the process of data acquisition for renewals, a fresh photograph of the applicant is captured along with fingerprints of both hands. These are then matched with all the details that were held previously at NADRA’s biometric-based database to remove any doubt regarding the identity of the individual. Hence, it is practically impossible to obtain a reprint of CNIC in absence of CNIC holder, she said. Using NADRA database, uniqueness of identity is ensured and objective of “One CNIC, One Vote” has been successfully achieved.

NADRA has strived tirelessly for electoral reforms and believes in assisting Election Commission of Pakistan for conducting fair, free and transparent election. For this purpose, NADRA has provided all possible assistance to ECP for their initiatives to bring transparency in electoral affairs. This includes identification of multiple votes in previous electoral rolls as well as ensuring uniqueness of voter registration in recently published Final Electoral Rolls – 2012, she added. NADRA is also assisting ECP in printing Electoral Rolls containing photographs of each individual, to be used in upcoming general elections. Another initiative that was taken by ECP was to provide access to Electoral Rolls through SMS, yet another service developed and implemented by NADRA, she said.

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