Naek opens two BHUs in Thatta

Thatta: Mrs. Farzhana Naek, Chairperson Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS), Sindh Provincial Branch inaugurate two Basic Health Units BHUs in the improvised area of Nangan, Union Council Doomani and in Hilaya, Union Council Sonda in district Thatta on Friday.

PRCS/GRC also jointly organised a ceremony for handing over the possession of shelters and hand pumps to the beneficiaries and honour to those who were involved in the project.

German Red Cross GRC is one of the National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies around the world, which is cooperating with Pakistan Red Crescent Society for the last 25 years and providing assistance the most vulnerable people affected. In flood 201011 together with PRCS, Sindh the GRC and Belgium Red Cross contributed to the construction of 166 Shelters, Village Ahmed Surjo, Union Council Bachal Gugo, Taluka Mirpur Bitharo and 165 hand pumps in 26 villages , 4 Union Councils Ali Beher, Bachal Gugo, Doomani and Sonda.

The PRCS has taken one step to try and mitigate this by training residents in disaster prone areas in Disaster Risk Reduction. They have been shown how to use a roof during flooding and have been provided tents that can be erected on the roofs of homes. The roofs have been made especially strong so that they can accommodate people and they can take a lot of rainwater.

Naek said that hit by floods in 201011 and struggling with donor fatigue and scant media coverage, flood survivors in Thatta have been slowly trying to return to a normal life. The Basic Health Unit is located in those areas where health services are limited and the local inhabitants have to travel far to receive basic medical care. The BHUs are well equipped encompassing the needs of young and old alike. The BHUs will provide male and female medical consultation, health education, Prenatal, natal and postnatal care, free dispensing of medicine and vaccination. The staff included 2 doctors, 2 health educators, 1 LHV, 1 vaccinator, 1 dispenser, 1 cleaner will work in each BHU.

The ceremony was attended by PRCS Sindh Vice Chairman Raffique Ahmed Jafferi, General Secretary Dr. Farooq Memon, Provincial Secretary Kanwar Waseem, Thatta District Branch Honorary Secretary Haji Muhammad Hanif Memon and Secretary KhalilurRehman, GRCSindh Program Coordinator Elmira Ablekeeva and GRC DRR Project Manager Noman Ansari.

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