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QUETTA: President PMLN and former Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif has said elections must be held in Balochistan at every cost. Elections are solution to all problems. If elections were postponed situation would further deteriorate. Situation in the province is very serious and it needs special attention. A government with people’s mandate can resolve problems.

Democratic forces should be elected in the elections.

He was speaking to Newsmen on his return from Khuzdar Friday afternoon. At Khuzdar he condoled with Sardar Sanaullah Zehri President PMLN Balochistan death of his son, brother, nephew and guard. They were killed in an explosion near Anjeera two days back.

Nawaz Sharif said rulers made Balochistan bleeding. Situation in the province is very alarming.

Referring to Musharraf’s escape from court yesterday, he asked why he was taken to his home and why not to jail. His escape from court is disgrace of judiciary.

He said he was told Musharraf has been arrested. If so where he was taken he asked. He said world has focused eyes on Musharraf case. He said Pakistan is a country where there is separate consideration of law for privileged people and it is used in another manner against common man.

He aid we all must bow our heads before law. No one is above the law. No one should be allowed to play with constitution and everyone has to respect it.

He said military dictator should be meted out same behaviour as law breaker gets. Musharraf is involved in serious crimes. Had any common man committed such crimes he would have been handcuffed and thrown to lock up.

Answering a question he said our team had met with Hazara people to condole with them over tragic losses. Such incidents must be stopped. He said Hazara protested in very cold weather with dead bodies. He said President Zardari should have visited them from Islamabad. Where was Chief Minister then Later he proceeded to Bahawalpur. He was accompanied by Senator Pervez Rasheed. He was seen off by senior leader Khudai nor Khan and Party candidate on NA 260 Quetta-Chagai.

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