Nika Pani Mangal case accused punished

Abbottabad: Judge of Anti terrorist court Abbottabad in special proceedings held at Haripur Jail on 14th and 15th February has awarded 20 Yrs Imprisonment to Farooq Ali and 5 Years impressments to Muhammad Ashraf with fine in the famous Nika Pani Mangal case in which heavy ammunition was recovered from them after police encounter.

Special judge of anti terrorist court Anwar Khan in case registered under section 324,353,13 AO/186, 78 A in Mir Pur Police Station on 29 .09.2013 and 03.10.213 vide FIR No’s 848 and 857 in which Muhammad Fareed resident of Dhamthore, Muhammad Ashraf and Ijaz Ahmed were arrested with recovery of huge catchy of ammunition including Rocket Launcher As all the arrested were accused were linked with the gang of terrorists involved in attempted murder of heinous crimes including injuring police officers in police encounter conducted by the Abbottabad police.

Their arrest was then linked with the anti state activities and it was charged then that they are working for banned religious organization. In initial interrogation, they had admitted to be the part of the gang involved in the Rockets attack on Pakistan Military Academy Kakul in January 2012 and later in bank robbery at Mansehra where five of them were later died in police encounter on 2nd August 2013.

Police recovered huge quantity of ammunition from the house of Muhammad Ashraf s/O Mir Dad Khan from Mangal. It should be noted that Muhammad Ashraf is father of Yasir who was killed in police encounter in bank dacoity on 2nd August 2013 at Abbottabad. DIG Hazara Akhter Hayat Khan at the time of their arrest on IST October 2013 addressing press conference told that according to papers and material recovered from them, they had disclosed that in future they were planning to hit some of sensitive targets in Abbottabad and other parts of the country. They are fully trained and remain member of some out band “Jehadi” organizations. DIG said that extra ordinary preventive measures have been taken in entire Hazara Division and police patrolling has been increased in all the areas. Police recovered 02 Mortar Artillery Shells, 03, Rocket (RPG-7), 03 Suicide Jackets, 04 Detonator (Non Electric), 01 Detonator for Grenade, 02 Shell (Packed), 03 Booster Charge (fuse), 02 receiver, 02 Igniter Switch with Detonating Card, Safety Fuse, Potash Powder, Magazine SMG, SMG Live rounds, Ordinary Jacket, Suicide Jacket Cover, Time watch, fake number plat and level with number lat for degree target. Trial was held in Haripur Jail where these three are kept.

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