No action against roadside encroachments

Karachi: Citizens face immense problems due to roadside encroachments in residential and commercial areas of the city, particularly in Saddar town.

The traffic police and municipal authorities are not taking any action against encroachers who occupy roads and footpaths with their stalls. In some areas illegal barriers are installed to hinder smooth traffic flow.

The main Empress Market area of News Preedy Street up to Regal Chowk is teemed with all types of illegal encroachments. Similarly, commercial streets of Burns Road, Robinson Road and adjourning areas also witness crippling traffic jams due to roadside encroachments. In some areas street barriers have hampered the smooth traffic flow but no action is being taken by the concerned authorities.

The citizens have requested the government authorities to take notice of the situation and remove illegal encroachments and barriers to facilitate motorists and pedestrians.

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