No dental OPD at Chandka Medical College Hospital after shifting of dentists and paramedics to Bibi Aseefa Dental College

Ratodero, Sindh: The Out-Patients’ Department (OPD) of 1352-bed largest Teaching Hospital of upper Sindh is running without Dental OPD since April 05, 2012 as it was shifted along with dentists, technicians & equipment to newly established Bibi Aseefa Dental College, Larkana.

The daily attendance of dental patients at the Chandka Medical College Hospital (CMCH), Larkana OPD was more than 150 patients and all of them used to get free treatment but ever since shifting, the patients are deprived of this facility.

Over 18 senior & junior dental surgeons are working in the dental college but very few arrive for performing government duties regularly and even two dental surgeons of CMCH remain mostly absent who were regular in CMCH and there is nobody to check their regularity & punctuality. Dental technicians are performing doctors’ duty and no dentist is doing dental work as they usually do in their private clinics.

Worst affected are those patients who meet any accident and require dental surgery as there are only two Dental Surgeons that carryout medico legal cases CMCH.

A 10-year boy Qasir Ali son of Ghulam Nabi Bhutto was hospitalized at Paeds Surgery department of CMCH where he waited for 6 days to find a dental surgeon to perform his mandible surgery. When he succeeded in finding a surgeon then the problem of arranging an operation theatre surfaced. Hospital administration came to his rescue and the surgery was conducted on Monday in Teaching Block of the Hospital which is far away from Paeds Surgery department.

There is no dental ward either in the CMCH or in the dental college which too has aggravated the situation and all the affected patients remain admitted in different surgical wards which shows apathy of the administration of these two institutions in resolving patients’ woes. The rate list issued by the Principal of the College include a fee of Rs.50/- for Periapical x-ray, Rs.200 for OPG x-ray, extraction of tooth has been increased from Rs.30 to 50 & 100, extraction impacted tooth Rs.300, temporary filling Rs.100, permanent filling Rs.300, permanent filling (amalgam) has been increased from Rs.300 to 400, scaling of whole mouth (manual) Rs.100, scaling of whole mouth (ultrasonic scalar) Rs.300, fracture of jaws & dent-alveolar has been raised from Rs.1000 to 2000, biopsy/excision of growth has also been raised from Rs.500 to 1000 and root Cana treatment fees is Rs.500. This amount is charged from each patient in the name of smooth running & maintenance of instruments/equipment as welfare charges.

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