Oil Refineries directed to Adopt EU 2 International Standards for Safer Environment

Islamabad: Minister of State for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Jam Kamal Khan has directed that all the oil refineries operating in the country to adopt the EU 2 international standards for the safer environment.

In this connection he directed the officials of the Ministry to write letters to the refineries for the strict implementation of the EU 2 Standards.

He further desired that detailed report be sought from all oil refineries in country about the implementation of the EU2 Standards, mentioning the details; to what extent EU 2 standards have been adopted so far, what processes are adopted or steps in the pipe line to make their product environmental friendly keeping in view the international standards.

He pointed out that it is our collective responsibility to cope with this menace of environmental degradation.

The Minister of State emphasized that to maintain safe and healthy environment for our future generations we have to adopt the internationally recognized standards the Government would take steps and initiatives to make sure that the grievances regarding this subject addressed.

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