Pasban condemn statement of Dr Mazari over Dr Aafia issue

Karachi: President Pakistan Pasban Altaf Shakoor on Monday showed concerned over statement of PTI secretary information Dr Shireen Mazari for linking Dr Aafia release issue with Shakeel Afridi is a deep conspiracy and termed this statement will damage the reputation of Imran Khan.

He expressed these views while addressing the protest demonstration organized by Pasban at Karachi Press Club KPC. A large number of protesters carrying banners and placards inscribed with different slogans. Altaf Shakoor said the statement of Dr Mazari was irresponsible and uncalled for and Imran Khan should take a strong notice of it as it would seriously affect his political credibility. He said the PTI should support the cause of Dr Aafia release instead of creating hurdles. He said the PTI should support the efforts of the sitting government regarding securing release and repatriation of Dr Aafia and bravely expose the black sheep who do not want to see the daughter of the nation back home.

He reminded that during its election campaign the PTI had pledged to work for the Aafia release and it should now fulfil its promises. He asked whether the PTI has succeeded in getting the drone attacks stopped. He asked if the USA managed to get Shakeel Afridi freed would the PTI be able to stop it. He said now is the big opportunity to get Dr Aafia released and if it was spoiled the nation would not forget the politicians.

He announced that if Dr Mazari did not withdraw her statement, Pasban would hold protest demos in front of PTI offices. He said Dr Mazari should consult with Aafia family before giving statement. He said the PTI chairman Imran Khan must take a notice of this hurting statement otherwise his own political credibility would be on stake. He reminded that Dr Aafia is a national cause, not mere a political issue. He urged the PTI to support the efforts of interior minister Chaudhry Nisar and expose those black sheep hidden in the interior and foreign ministries that a sabotaging the efforts for the cause of Aafia Siddiqui.

He reminded that Shakeel Afridi is not a US citizen. He said there are two treaties – inter American Convention on Serving Criminals Abroad 1993 and Council of Europe on Serving Criminals Sentences Abroad – and both do not provide cover to Afridi. He said however, the US could find other ways, as she snatched Raymond Davis from us even without any treaty.

He said it is not justice to link the issue of Dr Aafia with the matter of Shakeel Afridi. This humanitarian issue should not be mixed with the matter of Shakeel Afridi.

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