People elected PTI for bringing about change to ameliorate general masses, CM

Peshawar: The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Parvez Khattak has said that the people have elected PTI into power for bringing about a change and such a change, to ameliorate the lot of the general masses, is impossible without changing the system of education in the Province. Thus, he called upon the donors’ community worldwide to come forward and help them bring about a real change in education.

Addressing a DFID sponsored donors stock take here in Islamabad Tuesday he regretted that historically the very system of education divided among the public, private and madrassa systems has been reinforcing the problems of our society as it does not help change the lot of the poor whatever hard work they do.

On the other hand, the Chief Minister pointed, due to frequent posting transfers in education, no teacher take responsibility either for improvement of standard of education or looking after the sustenance and durability of the facilities provided there.

He said that the very uselessness of the education acquired at the public sector schools is the main culprit of increasing dropouts there and the poor children opting for unskilled labourers.

Therefore, from the next education year, the Chief Minister announced, they were introducing English medium education and schools specific appointments in the public sector education institutions of the Province.

Under the scheme, he explained, English will be introduced from class –I, just like the private schools while a teacher asking for transfer from the one he is initially recruited to, will have to resign from there and apply for fresh recruitment to the station of his choice. In case he remains in the said school, he will be promoted on the basis of the results he produces in that school.

The Chief Minister therefore, called upon the donors’ community to come forward and make these changes into success by training the teachers so that they are enabled to face the challenge of English teaching and provision of basic facilities in the public sector schools like furniture and fixtures.

He pointed out that though the number of schools is sufficient in the province but these are mostly and mainly two-rooms schools thus cannot cater for the 4/5 classes particularly in view of the fact that the Provincial Government is committed to the enrolment of all the 1.5 million out-of-school children of whom over 2, were enrolled just last month.

While DFID advisor Sir Michael Barber conducted the stock take, representatives of almost all partners of the KP in promotion of education participated besides KP Ministers Mohammad Atif, and Shahram Khan Tarakai, Secretary Finance Syed Said Badshah Bukhari and Secretary Education Judat Ayaz.

It was revealed on the occasion that the Chief Minister had just approved the revitalization of Provincial Education Foundation paving the way for recruitment from a wider pool and increasing private sector participation in it.

It was also revealed that an independent monitoring unit equipped with modern technology will be in place throughout the Province while booklets for teachers training and sensitization against corporal punishment plus a communication strategy in this respect is in final stages and will be fully operational from the next education year. On the other hand the Provincial Government will introduce assessment of students from class 8th from the next education years.

The Secretary Education, in response to a question, pointed out that the provincial government was spending some 85 billion rupees on elementary education which comes to Rs.1816/ per students which is more than the per student fee of any ordinary private sector school but still the results are zero and thus required proper management and monitoring. The IMU mentioned above will eradicate absenteeism among the teachers and will improve monitoring and evaluation, he said.

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