PML-F stages rally in favour of 1979 local govt law

KOT GHULAM MOHAMMAD, Sindh: Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) took out a rally here on Friday in favour of Sindh Local Government Act 1979.

The rally, led by PML-F Kot Ghulam Mohammad leader and expected provincial election candidate, marched through city roads amid slogans in favour of old local government law’s restoration.

It was also attended by PML-F District President Sarfaraz Junejo and other party leaders Mubarak Mahar, Zulfiqar Qaimkhani, Irfan Guddu Qaimkhani, Nabi Bux Gorchani and Tayyab Arain.

Speaking on the occasion, Raees Jameel Ahmed Bhurgari said that the restoration of Sindh Local Government Act 1979 is a great success of the PML-F struggle.

He said that with the restoration of this law, ‘one Sindh one system’ will be retained at all costs

He said that now PML-F along with its allies would get excellent victory in upcoming general elections in Kot Ghulam Mohammad and other constituencies of Sindh.