Political Tehsildar Landikotal has been deprived of his legal powers

LANDIKOTAL: Assistant political agent Landikotal has taken back the official vehicle from the newly posted political Tehsildar Landikotal besides, setting aside his security guards to escort him while travelling on the routes to monitor the law and order situation, well informed administration sources revealed, adding under the government service rules and regulations the newly appointed officials are bound to take charge and exercise their duties within seven days, but the newly posted political Tehsildar Landikotal has not been assigned any duty nor given the official vehicle to perform his obligations even after passing ten days, administration sources informed. “The new PNT will start to function now,” said APA Landikotal in his version.

Administration sources told that the newly posted political Tehsildar Landikotal Shakeel Burki has not started performing his official duties after he has passed ten days in Landikotal though under provincial government service structure’s rules and regulations every government official is legally bound to take charge of his duty within seven days.

Some sources privy to the administration divulged that Assistant Political Agent APA Landikotal Khalid Mumtaz Kundi is at loggerheads with the newly appointed Tehsildar Landikotal that is why APA Landikotal called back his official vehicle to park it somewhere safe so that PT Landikotal could not wander in it.

The sources also said that the new PT Landikotal Shakeel Burki uses his own private car and guards while going home in Peshawar and sometimes requests the Khyber Khasadar Force KKF officials to escort him if he wants to leave his office for any activity or going home on leave, which reportedly shows that his powers have been snatched by APA Landikotal to push him to the wall because the sources also said that the senior officials including APA Landikotal are not willing and pleased with his transfer to Landikotal as political Tehsildar.

Usually Tehsildar Landikotal enjoys much power as legally he is authorized to monitor the performance of the KKF personnel and officials on various check posts and to decide or recommend their transfer and posting in Landikotal subdivision of Khyber Agency, but this new Tehsildar Landikotal has not been given such authority to perform his legal obligations rather he is dependent on his subordinates for his own needs such as escort for his security, well placed sources informed, adding that APA Landikotal Khalid Mumtaz Kundi has assigned more powers to a retired political Moharrar in Landikotal tehsil office.

In his comments APA Landikotal Khalid Mumtaz Kundi said, “incorrect, actually Arshad, the former Tehsildar, was reluctant to relinquish his charge which created problems”, “adding the situation is okay and new PNT Landikotal will start performing his duties now.”

The common people have also regretted the situation saying that PT Landikotal should be authorized to deal with the day to days affairs of the people including resolving the long standing issues and problems so that people could not suffer any more.

Some students also complained that PT Landikotal has no authority to sign identity cards and domicile of the students because of the lack of powers.

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