PPF organises 4day workshop on Safety & Security

QUETTA: A Four Day joint Advance Security Training organized for the female members/ journalists of Quetta was held here June 27 to 30. It was organised by Pakistan Press Foundation PPF and conducted by Ms Durre Shahwar and Ms Tamseela Amin.

Objective of the Training was to enable the journalists to change their attitude towards their safety by taking precautionary measures before performing any task, to develop first aid skills amongst the journalists so they could carryout first Aid them in case of emergency.

The course also addresses the trauma related issues, mental health and provides guidelines for the victims/survivors of the traumatic incidents.

Participants were briefed on what safer journalism means in Pakistan. They were told how to do primary survey. Ms Tamseela and Ms Dur e Shahwar conducted an exercise by Cardio pulmonary resuscitation.

Types of surveillance, different types of IEDs, suicide bomber, effects of explosion, land mines and precautionary measures were also part of training. Girls were also told what is trauma.

Another subject taught to the participants was kidnapping and surveillance detection.

Ethical journalism, Interviewing trauma victim, ethics of interviewing were also told to the participating females.

Girls showing keen in the training expressed the desire such workshops should be held regularly as such prove to be very useful.

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